Invoice Types
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Your billing processes can have multiple invoice types. By defining your invoice types, you can add detail to your billing operations. This way, you can create reports based on invoice types.

Add an Invoice Type

To create an invoice type, you need to add the following information: 'Code,' 'Description,' 'Purchase Type,' and 'Is it Default?'

  • Code: You can associate your invoices by defining a code for the invoice type.

  • Description: Allows you to name your invoice type.

  • Purchase Type: You can specify the type of purchase to which the invoice type belongs, such as 'Customer', 'Project', 'Stock', and 'Subrent'

  • Is it Default?: If no invoice type is specified, it ensures that the created invoices are assigned as the default invoice type.

With Advanced Filters, you can customize the table view that includes your invoice types.

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