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You can provide services in multiple sectors. 💥

With the breakdown of Main Sector, Sub-Sector, and Sector, you can define many sectors and fields in which you provide services.

By defining sectors for your customers and business partners, you can manage your processes and obtain sector-based reports that build your organizational structure.

Main Sector

The main sector is the first step in sector definitions. Before you associate with a sub-sector, you need to create a main sector value first.

With the 'Code' and 'Description' fields, you can create your main sector record.

You can design the sector schema to fit your organizational structure. You can continue with your processes by only adding the main sector information or you can create a sector structure based on fields by adding sub-sector information.


You can associate the created main sectors with sub-sectors. This way, you can create separate processes for all sectors.

By adding information in the 'Code,' 'Description,' and associating it with the 'Main Sector' field, you can create your record.

You can also customize your sub-sectors with sector information.


The 'Code,' 'Description,' and 'Sub-Sector' fields allow you to create your sector record. You need to specify a sub-sector for the sector information you create.

By associating your records in this way, you can design your structure as Main Sector -> Sub-Sector -> Sector. 💫

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