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Customize Your Results! 📋

With filters, you can easily access the data you're looking for. You can personalize both your data in the table and the table views.

Filters allow you to:

- Filter your data on all pages,

- Save the filters you've created,

- Edit summary tables where your data is present,

- Download listed results to prepare reports,

- Manage personalized views.



You need to specify the column to which your filtering process will be applied.


By specifying an operator, you can establish a relationship between a column and a value.

The operators are as follows:

  • Contains

  • Equals

  • Starts with

  • Ends with

  • Is empty

  • Is not empty

  • Any of them


For the filtering process where you've specified the column and operator, you need to indicate the value in the results you want to list.

Add Filter

By adding multiple filters, you can ensure that your results include all the specified values.

And/Or Option

You can specify the relationship between the multiple filters you've added.

  • With the "And" option, you can indicate that all the added filters apply to your results.

  • With the "Or" option, it allows listing results that match at least one of the added filters.

Your Reports Are Ready!

By exporting your results, you can access only the filtered data. This way, you can directly use the relevant data for your reports.

Remove All

You can remove all the filters you've added.

Manage Columns

By activating the columns you want to appear in the tables, you can ensure that only the selected columns are displayed.

Save Current View

By saving the table views you've created, you can easily access them using the "personalized view" button.

This way, you can change the table view anytime you want based on the data you want to analyze.

Personalized View

With the personalized view, you can list or edit the views you've saved.

💡 Tip

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