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As easy as managing your data with Fiorent, transferring it is just as simple. 💫

You can both import your data into the system using the import and export data from the system to your computer using the export.


By importing all your data in bulk to Fiorent, you can instantly view it on the system.

Let Fiorent Prepare Your Reports, You Just Present! 💙

You can visualize the existing or imported data and use it in your presentations.

Additionally, with the Inbox page, you can view up-to-date analyses related to your organization whenever you want.


You can download your data to your computer anytime with export.

This way, you can use the most up-to-date version of your data in the reports you create.

In which format are the data exported?

Your data will be downloaded in Excel (.xlsx) format. Just like you can perform filtering operations within Fiorent, you can also customize the data you need using the Excel file.

💡 Tip

Do you need more help? By contacting Fiona through the chat, you can get expert support.

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