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Task / Note / Files
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Forward your team specific tasks, notes, and files for each module using Fiorent. 🙌

With the Task/Note/File tab, you can create tasks for your operations, add notes for your processes, and upload files related to your records.

Being present in all modules assists you in easily managing your processes. Additionally, it allows you to customize tasks, notes, and files for your records.

So how can you access the Tasks/Notes/Files tab?

Let's provide an example for the Sales Organization module. When you enter the Sales Organization module from the menu, relevant records will be listed.

You should access the detail page through the Operations > Edit button.

You will see the Tasks/Notes/Files tab immediately. 👀

Additionally, you can also view all tasks assigned to you from the Inbox page.


Tasks enable the management of processes within your organization through assignment.

By creating tasks for all steps or operations in your processes, you can assign them to the user responsible for completing the task.

You can track the progress of tasks with Fiorent and manage your work through task statuses. 💥

Create Tasks

You can create your tasks for your organization.

For the task you create, there are several information fields.

Code: Defining a code for the task you create makes it easier for you to track the relevant tasks.

Priority: You can specify the priority of the tasks you create as low, medium, or high. This way, you can establish a workflow for the users to whom you will assign tasks.

Start-End Date: By specifying the start and end dates of tasks, you can indicate the timeframe in which they need to be completed.

Description: It will be displayed as the title of your task.

Detailed Information: Allows you to add a job description for the task you create. Adding detailed information will also facilitate the user to whom the task is assigned.

Users: Represents the person to whom the task will be assigned. It is necessary to specify the user who will complete the task.

🔴 Warning

You can edit or delete created tasks.

Before the deletion process, make sure that the relevant records are not present in your processes. Deleting records can lead to missing information in your workflows.

Task Statuses

For the created tasks, you can track users' progress through statuses. Task statuses should be specified as open, in progress, or completed by the reporters to whom the tasks are assigned.

When used effectively, task assignment will play a significant role in the completion of your processes.


While managing processes specific to your organization, you can inform all users about relevant topics by adding module-based notes.

This way, you can enable users to easily view the notes through the system.

Add description and detailed information to your notes to ensure clarity for users.

The reporters of the notes are displayed. You can edit or delete the created notes.


You can add your documents related to the records in modules to Fiorent. This way, you can easily access the relevant documents without having to search for them.

You can upload both images and documents in various formats (Word, PDF, XLSX, PNG, etc.).

You can also add your files using the drag-and-drop method.

You can download uploaded documents to your computer or remove them from the system.

💡 Tip

Do you need more help? By contacting Fiona through the chat, you can get expert support.

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