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Let's shape a Fiorent with your terminology.

Fiorent supports multiple languages and provides you with a dynamic structure for translations. You can edit all translations, from page names to warning messages.

Change the Default Language

You can designate the language you want to use as the default language from the Languages page.

Add a Translation

You can add translations for all the words or sentences in the system in a way that suits your own language, industry, and company structure.

To add or edit translations for the language you want, select the "Edit Texts" option.

  • Key: The original form of the word, specified in English.

  • Source Language: Indicates the current language of the word you want to translate.

  • Target Language: Specifies the language for which you want to add a translation.

  • Source: Defined as Fiorent Cloud.

  • Target Value: Filtering options include "All" and "Empty."

You can add a translation using the 'Edit' button in the 'Actions' field for the word you want to edit.

💡 Tip

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