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Role / Authorization
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Ensure clarity in task definitions with role-specific authorizations.

To add users to Fiorent and grant them access to the system, you first need to create roles and authorizations. You can create multiple roles using authorization options.

On the Role/Authorization page, you can define roles and specify authorizations for the respective roles using the 'add' button.

  • Name: You can give custom names to the roles you've created based on their permissions.

  • Default User Role: Allows you to designate the role you've created as the default role. It determines the role that will be automatically assigned to a user when you add them.

  • Modules: Enables module-based authorization for the role you've created. For each activated module, the relevant role's permissions will be defined.

Best Practice

You can define two fundamental roles, "Admin" and "User," which you will use in your organization.

The "Admin" role can have permissions for all modules and can perform various operations.

The "User" role can be assigned as the default role.

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