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Would you like to manage users who can access your organization? 💫

You can add new users, update existing users, or delete users from the Users page. This way, you can instantly reflect changes in your team within Fiorent.

Add a User

Fields are available for the new user information you want to create. You also need to define a role for the relevant user.

User Information

When creating a new user, fields such as first name, last name, email and username are mandatory. In addition to the mandatory fields, there are other properties you need to specify for the relevant user.

  • Set random password: Allows the system to generate a random password for the new user. If you don't want to set a random password for the user, you can define a password by removing this option.

  • Should change password on next login: Requires the user to change their password on their initial login to enhance security by allowing the user to choose their password.

  • Is Active?: Indicates whether the user is actively using the system.

  • Lockout enabled: When incorrect information is entered during login attempts, access to the user's account is locked.


You can view the roles you have defined as options on the Role/Authorization page. You need to select the role you have assigned for the respective user.

💡 Tip

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