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Do you know how to create quotation forms?

Creat a Quote

There are several steps involved in the process of creating a quote.

You probably already know from our other articles where you can define the data you will use when creating your quote, but it's worth mentioning. 😊

You can access detailed information through the links provided in our article.

Step 1: Quote and Organization

First, you need to define a code for the quotation you want to create.

Step 2: Organization

For your quote and the equipment included in your quote, you should specify the Sales Organization, Sales Office and Storage Location.

Step 3: Business Partner

You can select from your existing business partners or create a new business partner by adding their name, business partner code, and business partner type.

Did you want to check your business partner that you want to add to your quote❓

With the "View" button, you can view the details of your business partner on the partner's detail page.

Step 4: Equipments

By specifying product groups, equipment, serial numbers, and quantities, you can add the product or service information you want to include in your quote to your list using the "+" button.

Step 5: Rental Period

You need to select the rental period in your quote as either "periodic" or "time."

In both cases, you can specify limit type, limit value, and late return time values for your quote.

  • If your rental period is "periodic," you should also add the period and rental duration to your quote.

  • If your rental period is "time," you should also add the start date and end date to your quote.

Step 6: Completed

Congratulations! Your quote is now ready. 🎉

Convert to Contract Now!

You can easily convert the quotes you create into contracts with a single button. This means that all the information in your quote will now be used to create your contract.


With the "actions" button, you can view, edit, and delete records.

View a Quote

You can view the information in your quote in summary format.

Edit a Quote

In the Quote Detail page, you can detail the information in your quote, including the rental period, equipment, approval processes, additional terms, and task/notes/files tabs.

You can view information and analyses of your quote with dashboard. 🙌

  • Quote Information: Detailed information about your quote is available in the 'General,' 'Date Information,' and 'Organization' sections.

  • Quote Equipment: The equipment included in your quote is listed.

  • Rental Periods: The rental period of your quote is displayed.

You can define your rental periods in the Durations page in the Tenant Settings module.

  • Approval History: This tab specifies the approval processes for the quote. It contains details of all approval actions related to the quote process.

To view the Approval Processes tab, Approval Processes must be defined in the Tenant Settings module.

Approval Process Definitions, Approval Process Steps and Approval Process Assignments allow you to create a structure that is both module-specific and general for all your modules.

  • Additional Terms: You can specify the additional terms in your offer. This way, the services and conditions you provide will also be included in your offers.

  • Tasks / Notes / Files: To simplify the offer processes and management, you can create tasks, add notes and upload your documents.

Delete a Quote

You can delete the offers you have created from the system.

🔴 Warning

Before the deletion process, make sure that the relevant records are not present in your processes. Deleting records can lead to missing information in your workflows.

View a Quote History

You can access all the actions taken on your quote records from the 'history' section. This allows you to view changes made with relevant user information.

💡 Tip

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