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Overview of Sales Processes
Overview of Sales Processes
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Are you ready to design a completely flexible structure for your sales processes?

So, what are these processes?

You can create all sales processes in Fiorent in a way that suits your company's structure. You can use the quote, reservation, contract, and order modules in the sales processes appropriately and in sequence. One of the most important factors here will be your rental periods.

Not all of these processes may be necessary for your organizational structure. You can either focus on just one process or use all the processes together. The important thing is to be able to design Fiorent's flexible structure to fit your company's structure. ✌️

To design your sales processes, you need to create Document Types. The document types you create will be used in your sales processes, such as quotes, contracts, etc.

This way, you can customize and tailor your document types to fit your organizational structure.

Additionally, you can create and view all the values you want to calculate in your sales processes with the Calculation Scheme.

First, let's summarize the processes together. You can access detailed information about the processes through the links provided in the relevant areas.

It is an modül that you can use for long-term and bulk equipment rentals. It allows you to create a quotation form that you will share with your customers for the equipment you will rent.

Your quote form will include all the details, including the quantity, price and information for your equipments. This way, you can either continue with just the quotation process or integrate it into your structure with other processes.

Represents short-term rentals. With the information such as location, date, time, equipment, etc., in reservation requests, you can reserve your equipment for your customer.

You can complete the delivery process for the reserved equipment in your equipment group.

Contracts representing long-term rentals include all the information related to your customers' rental requests, such as duration, price, equipment, additional services, etc.

This way, you can manage your rental processes with the contract module using forms.

Allows you to manage the sales of equipment that do not have a quote, contract or reservation module. This way, you can sell your equipment without including the rental process.

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