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Define all the variables you want to include in your reports. 🙌

It allows you to define the variables you will use in your calculation schemas. By assigning the desired variables to your calculation schemas in your reservations, quotes, or contracts, you can differentiate your reports.

Additionally, you can determine how your variables will be included in your schemas by specifying properties for your variables.

Calculation Schema Code

Allows you to associate your variable with the code of the Calculation Schema you've created.


You can define a code for the variables that will be included in your calculation schemas.

Pricing Type Code

To enable your calculation schema variables to be calculated using the type, calculation type, and negative/positive value properties of the variable, you must associate your variable with the pricing type.


Specifies the priority/ranking of your variable in the calculation schema.


If there is a condition that must be met for your variable to be calculated, this is where you define that condition. When specifying the condition, you should use the codes of the relevant values. For example; TR01 > TR02.


Allows you to specify whether the values of the variable can be manually edited.


Indicates that a value for the variable must be defined, and the relevant field cannot be left blank.


Variables that do not affect your calculations but are used for reporting purposes can be defined here.

Is it Visible?

This field determines whether the variable is visible on the screen. For variables that you want to calculate for reporting purposes but don't want to be displayed on the screen, you need to adjust the relevant field.

Condition Value

This is the field where you define the calculation formula. By specifying the pricing types within an absolute value, you can define your formulas with mathematical operations.

Now that your calculation schemas and their conditions are ready, you are ready to assign your schemas to the relevant modules. 🎉

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