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Let your product group determine your pricing method. 💯

The pricing method, which automatically changes based on your equipment's product group, is divided into two categories: Rental Price and Fixed Price.

Rental Price

If your product group is 'Equipment,' your pricing type will be calculated as Rental Price.

You can define the equipment price based on the criteria you have set, such as hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Additionally, with sub-rental cost, list price, margin price, and tax rate, you can enable the calculation of the relevant equipment price in quotes and contracts.

Fixed Price

If you are going to define equipment under a non-product product group such as 'Additional Service,' 'Additional Hardware,' or 'Option,' your pricing type will be Fixed Price.

By defining a Fixed Price for the relevant equipment, you can enable calculations in quotes and contracts.

Additionally, do you know that you can easily define the formulas you will use in calculations from the Pricing page in the Tenant Settings module at any time? 🎯

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