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You can add model information for your equipment. Specifying the make information for model records allows you to establish a make-model relationship. Additionally, you can customize your records with model numbers.

Create a Model

For the model information of your equipment, you need to specify 'Code,' 'Description,' 'Make,' and 'Model Number.'

  • Code: Allows you to add a unique code for model information.

  • Description: Enables you to specify the model name.

  • Make: Allows you to establish a make relationship for the model record.

  • Model Number: Contains specific number information for the respective model.

You can view or add the model information for your equipment on the Equipment page through the Details section.


With the "actions" button, you can perform viewing, editing, and deletion operations for your records.

Edit a Model

You can update the information for the equipment models you've created.

Delete a Model

You can delete the model records associated with your equipment.

🔴 Warning

Before the deletion process, make sure that the relevant records are not present in your processes. Deleting records can lead to missing information in your workflows.

💡 Tip

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