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You can categorize and group your equipment by creating categories. 🗄️

You can access the category information for your equipment from the Details section on the Equipment Detail page.

The categories you create will be listed in the respective area.

Create a Category

Using the 'Add' button on the Categories page, you can add 'Code' and 'Description' information.

You can create a code specific to the record and add a title for your category in the 'Description' field.


With the "actions" button, you can perform viewing, editing, and deletion actions for your records.

Edit a Category

You can edit the information related to your category record.

Delete a Category

You can remove the category record from the system with the deletion operation.

🔴 Warning

Before the deletion process, make sure that the relevant records are not present in your processes. Deleting records can lead to missing information in your workflows.

💡 Tip

Do you need more help? By contacting Fiona through the chat, you can get expert support.

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