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Your Business Partners are one of the most valuable keys to success.

You can define all your customers and suppliers as your Business Partners.

To complete your operational transactions, you need to proceed with your processes involving your Business Partners.

Add a Business Partner

When adding Business Partners, you will find fields for "Code" and "Name," along with "Business partner type" and "Business partner role" to specify.

  • Code: You can create a code for your record's relevant Business Partner.

  • Name: You need to add the description for the Business Partner.

  • Business Partner Type: You can specify the Business Partner Type as "Company" or "Individual."

  • Business Partner Label: You can label your Business Partners as "Customer" or "Supplier."


With the "Actions" button, you can perform viewing, editing, and deleting actions for your records.

Edit a Business Partner

To view tabs related to your Business Partners and edit the informations, you can use the "Actions" button.

On the detailed information page, you can fill in all the fields related to your respective You can designate team members who can be contacted for communication with your Business Partners by assigning a 'Responsible Person'.

To add 'Sector' and 'Business Partner Group' information for your Business Partners, you first need to make definitions from the 'Tenant Settings' module.

You can have Business Partners in many different sectors. Additionally, you can manage your Business Partners by creating groups. For instance, you can assign your Business Partners to groups you've created, like 'Internal Group' and 'External Group,' and then generate reports accordingly.

Furthermore, you can add the company information of the Business Partner through the Company Introduction Information tab. You can customize your processes by adding partnership information, activity details, the number of employees in the company, the purpose of the visit or your comments.

You can actively use the Task / Note / File tab available in all modules for your Business Partners as well. 💥

View a Business Partner

You can view the information related to your Business Partners in summary format using the "View" button.

Delete a Business Partner

You can remove Business Partners that are not involved in your processes by deleting them from the system.

🔴 Warning

Before the deletion process, make sure that the relevant records are not present in your processes. Deleting records can lead to missing information in your workflows.

💡 Tip

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