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Storage Location
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To manage the storage processes of your equipment, you can define your Storage Locations.

If you have multiple Storage Locations, you can easily manage the administration and communication between the storages.

Additionally, by viewing the storage locations you've created, you can quickly complete your tasks.

Add a Storage Location

You can define your Storage Location in Fiorent by using the "Add" button.

For your records, you need to specify "Code," "Name," and "Sales Organization."

Associating the created Sales Organization with the Storage Location allows you to establish your organizational structure for your processes.


With the "actions" button available on all our screens, you can proceed with your processes for your records.

You can view, edit, or delete your records.

View a Storage Location

Allows you to view information related Storage Location record.

Delete a Storage Location

Using the "delete" button in the actions section, you can remove the relevant record from the system.

🔴 Warning

Before the deletion process, make sure that the relevant records are not present in your processes. Deleting records can lead to missing information in your workflows.

Edit a Storage Location

If you have information that you want to add or remove for your records, you can complete the process with the "edit" button.

The details page for the relevant record will be displayed. Tabs are available on the detail page to allow you to add various pieces of information related to your Storage Location.



There are general, contact and location information fields available for your Storage Location. By filling in the relevant fields, you can access all the necessary information for situations that may arise during your rental processes through the system.

Working Hour

Would you like to make location-specific planning for your Storage Location?

You can specify working hours for the Storage Locations located in different areas and customize your planning accordingly for each Storage Location.

Serial Number

With the Serial Numbers page, you can view the equipment located in your Storage Locations.

This way, you can track all the equipment specific to the respective Storage Location.

Couldn't find the equipment you were looking for in your Storage Location?

From the Serial Numbers page in the Equipment module, you can view all the equipment belonging to your organization and add them to the relevant Storage Location.

Task / Note / Files

The Task / Note / Files page is present in all modules to assist you in dynamically managing your processes.

For your operations in Storage Location, you can create tasks, add notes, and upload relevant documents to facilitate easy access.

💡 Tip

Do you need more help? By contacting Fiona through the chat, you can get expert support.

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