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Do you know that you can manage all your task tracking from a single page? 🚀

With the Inbox;

  • You can view all your pending tasks,

  • Download your reports whenever you want,

  • Track and manage all your processes.

Tasks Tab

By viewing your tasks that belong to you and need to be completed in the Tasks tab, you can create your work plan.

Add Widget

  • You can create analyses by adding widgets to visualize your data.

  • You can set filters for the data for the widgets you add.

  • Additionally, you can customize your Inbox by determining the placement of the widgets on the screen.


  • You can complete your reporting processes with the data in the widgets you've created.

  • By exporting your analyses, you can include them in your presentations.


  • You can personalize your analyses by creating dedicated pages for the widgets you've added.

  • By saving your pages, you can track your reports day by day.

  • You can also enter a specific names to your pages tailored to the data in your widgets.

💡 Tip

Do you need more help? By contacting Fiona through the chat, you can get expert support.

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