Additional service can be considered as extra expenses that are not fully determined before the project but may arise during the project.

These additional services created here will appear as option in the create additional services tab on the project record edit screen.

The fields to be filled in the screen opened with the New Additional Service button are listed below;

  • Name: The description of the additional service. For example; Traffic Insurance, Winter Tire...

  • Sales Price: The sale price of the additional service.

  • Purchase Price: The purchase amount of the additional service.

  • Product Tax: Product taxes created in the Settings menü will appear as option this field.

  • Additional Service Type: Service, Tire, Insurance, Transfer, Substitution types are selected.

  • Automatic

The additional service can be edited or deleted with the Action button in the list.

Additional Services created here will appear as option on the project additional service record creation screen. Other information of the selected additional service will come automatically.

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