There are various approval and denied steps in approval processes. For example; In processes such as purchase orders, certain document control or approval of the process by a manager may be required. Which steps are involved in an approval process can be determined on the process conditions screen and these steps can be assigned to the relevant users.

During the approval process, a message is automatically sent to the system users assigned to the relevant approval step, and the users are informed. By the notification icon shown below, the user is directed to the relevant page. Related users approve or reject the request after reviewing the document or process.

By selecting Approval Process from the Settings section, the steps and modüle needed in the organization can be easily determined. The steps of definening the conditions of the created approval process and assigning them to the relevant module and users are given below, respectively:

  1. Process Step Users: User is selected to approve or denied the relevant approval step. Selection is made from the Process Steps created in the previous steps. Finally, the Status of this step is selected.

  2. Assign Process: The processes defined in the Approval Processes step are assigned to the relevant modules.

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