In this section, there are the following detailed information areas about the equipment;

  • Inside Color; The interior color information of the vehicle is entered.

  • Outside Color; The vehicle's exterior color information is entered.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity; Fuel-tank capacity is the volume of fuel that a car can carry. The fuel-tank capacity is usually directly related to the level and fuel consumption of a car. The higher the level is, the larger the capacity the fuel tank has.

  • Fuel Level; Definitions of fuel level. the amount of fuel remaining.

  • Have HGS / Active HGS / HGS No; HGS Number information is entered and it is marked whether HGS is active or not.

  • Have OGS / OGS No; The information of whether OGS is available is marked and OGS number information is entered.

  • Is Returned Dublicate Key; The information whether the dublicate key is returned or not is marked.

  • Have Logo; The information about whether there is a logo or not is marked.

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