All HGS Payments for vehicle you have created in the system are listed under this heading and can be tracked.

The column headings on the displayed list screen are as follows;

  • HGS No

  • Amount

  • Loaded Date

  • Currency

  • Business Partner

  • Equipment Serial Number

All registered HGS Payments can be downloaded in excel format with the export to excel button on the top right of the screen.

The Create button leads to the new HGS Payment record creation screen.

When clicked to Create button;

All fields shown on the list screen are required field.

In the Business Partner field, a selection is made among the business partners registered in the system.

In the Equipment Serial Number field, the serial number of the vehicle for which HGS Payment information is created is selected.

The HGS payments created can be viewed on the list screen and the card structure view.

It can be edited from the options specified in the image above, located to the left of the export to excel button on the list screen. The first option shows the HGS Payments in the card structure. The second option displays the HGS Payments in the list structure.

You can filter and search for records using the search bar.

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