Most of the fields found when creating a new record for the traffic penalty are also included in this section.

Required fields are as follows:

  • Serial Number

  • Traffic Penalty Type; Type selection is made among the records saved in the field in the Configuration Traffic Penalty header.

  • Business Partner; Selection is made among the customers registered in the system.

  • Amount

  • Penalty Discount Rate; Enter the discount rate for the penalty. If there is no discount rate, 0 can be entered.

  • Annunciator

  • Official Report Serial No

  • Receipt No

  • Penalty Clause

  • Penalty Place

  • Amount Paid

  • Service Cost

Optional fields are as follows;

Penalty Date Time, Notification Date, Paid Date, Document Release Date, Approval Date, To be Reflected Customer

If To be Reflected Customer is marked, the penalty amount will be reflected to the customer.

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