This is the area where the replacement car information, which can be given to the customer instead of that vehicle, is kept in cases where the vehicle malfunctions or is damaged while it is rented by the customer.

The column headings on the screen where the records are listed in the Replacement Car section are as follows;

  • Equipment Serial Number; The serial number of the equipment for which the request is opened in the work order is selected.

  • Business Partner; In the request opened in the work order, it is selected which customer the equipment is associated with.

  • Replacement Car Type; Selection is made for the car among the external procurement and selfless options.

  • Supplier Type; The choice is made between the replacement car company and the service.

  • External Procurement Plate

  • Replacement Unit Price

  • Replacement Car Delivery KM

  • Replacement Car Arrival KM

  • Sum Replacement Day; The total number of replacement days is entered.

  • Invoice No

  • Invoice Date

  • Replacement Given Date

  • Planned Replacement Return Date

  • Replacement End Date

  • Replacement Car Invoice Amount

  • HGS Price

  • Fuel Price

  • Replacement Car Penalty Price

  • Drop Price

  • Sum Invoice Price

  • Explanation

When the click Create button;

Required fields are the following fields;

  • Planned Replacement Return Date

  • Replacement Given Date

  • Replacement End Date

  • Invoice Date

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