Vehicle Details area that in part section of Equipment, is the area where the vehicle details features are saved in the system.

The fields to be registered about the vehicle are as follows;

  • Fuel Consumption Inner City

  • Fuel Consumption Average

  • Maintenance KM

  • Door Count

  • Cylinder Capacity

  • Engine Power

  • Car Trunk Capacity

  • Class

  • Motor Vehicles Tax Type

  • Max Loaded Weight

  • Person Count

  • Fuel Consumption Upstate

  • CO2 Emission

  • Maintenance Period

  • Engine Capacity

  • Electric Engine Power

  • Max Torque

  • Fuel Tank Capacity

  • License

  • GTIP

  • Loading Limit

Maintenance KM and Maintenance Period; The information in these fields must be correct for the vehicle. It helps you to make maintenance planning for the vehicle in the Work Order module.

The information in the Engine Capacity, Cylinder Capacity, Electric Engine Power, Engine Power fields must be correct for the vehicle. The information here is effective in calculating the MTV cost of the vehicle by entering the correct slice.

In the Asset heading in the Configuration section, you can select the ones defined in the related fields in the following fields;



Motor Vehicle Tax Type

GTIP; The twelve digit code used in Turkish Tariff Nomenclature is called “Customs Tariff Statistics Positions (GTIP). The first 4 Digits indicate the Item's Position Number. It will be sufficient to write the first 4 digits for your vehicle.

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