Define a default rental period with details for rental activities in this field.

In this chapter required fields are as follows;

  • Period Base: Selection is made from the following period types.

    • Periodic: Used for long-term rental.

    • Periodic&KM: Uzun vadeli ve genellikle otomotiv sektörü içiin kullanılır.

    • Time: Periyodik olmayan, belirli bir süre için olan kiralamalarda kullanılır.

  • Rental Period Type: you can choose your rental period type as daily, hourly, monthly, weekly and yearly. You can choose more than one period. A type defination field opens for each selected rental period type. The information you can enter in this field is as follows;

    • Decision Time Unit (Day,Hour,Month,Week); you can enter the time of the day, hour, month and week for the sales office and how long it means. For example, how many hours a month consists of for the sales office, and how many hours a week consists of for the company.

    • Decision Time; Time information is entered for the unit information you have selected in Decision Time Unit.

    • Late Return Buffer Time; For your company, the amount of late post-delivery billing information from the time the equipment will be received is entered.

    • Invoice Hour Per Day; Enter the information after how many hours your equipment rentals are billed. For example, if the equipment is rented for 24 hours, but the working hours of the equipment are 8 hours, 3 invoices should be issued for one day rental.

  • Business Type: It is selected for which sector the determined rental period will be valid.

  • Pickup and Return time selections are determined by the fields.

The information here is taken into account in your billing periods.

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