Price types and conditions are specified for the calculation schema in advanced pricing.

Advance Pricing is selected from the Settings section and clicked on the Calculation Schema Items field.

Conditions for a calculation schema are defined by filling in the fields below, which are opened by the Add New or Create buttons.

  • Calculation Schema: The calculation schema to which the conditions will be applied is selected.

  • Step: Indicates the sequence of the calculation

  • Price Type: The price type allows you to differentiate between different pricing types. Selection is made from the types that were previously defined in the price type field.

  • Manuel: Allowed to be entered manually

  • Required: This indicator specifies that condition type is mandatory in the pricing procedure.

  • Statistics: This indicator if it is activated will not allow the value of the condition type to be taken into net value calculation. It is used only for information purposes only.

  • Requirement: It is a formula or routine that is written according to the business requirement.

  • Condition Value: It ıs Condition value for calculation type and is used for calculate the price type value.

  • Condition Base Value: The value is written to determine the base condition. It is used as the basis for calculating the value of the price type.

Calculation Schema Items can be edited and deleted with the Actions button if desired.

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