By choosing from among the calculation types, the pricing condition types is defined. Rental prices, discount, delivery fee, tax, etc. conditions are determined.

Advance Pricing is selected from the Settings section and clicked on the Price Types field.

Condition types for pricing are defined by filling in the following sections with the Add New or Create button.

  • Price Code: Price code define field

  • Description: It is a short description field.

  • Price Type: Selection is made from the following condition category

    • Daily

    • Hourly

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

    • Delivery Fee

    • PickUp Fee

    • Tax

    • Insurance

  • Calculation Type: Selection is made from the following calculation types

    • Fixed Amount

    • Quantity

    • Percantage

    • Formula

  • Plus/Minus: Indicates if a condition can be positive, negative or both

Pricing types can be edited and deleted with the Actions button.

These created price types will appear as options in the calculation schema items field. Condition schema items is created by selecting which pricing type should be in which calculation schema.

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