Advanced pricing takes into account various complex scenarios in operations. It can be used when the price of the same product changes due to a specific sales process, when the same customer purchases or rent the product for the specified quantity or amount, or when pricing is dependent on other costs and prices and has a dynamic rather than fixed nature.

Pricing types are determined to be used in operations such as rental, sales and delivery. These determined price types are selected from the calculation schema and it is determined which calculation logic will be applied in which project.

By selecting Advance Pricing from the Settings section, the following fields are defined;

  • Price Types: By choosing from among the calculation types, the pricing condition types is defined. Rental prices, discount, delivery fee, tax, etc. conditions are determined.

  • Calculation Schema: It is the section that contains the list and brief explanation of the tables. More than one calculation table can be created.

  • Calculation Schema Items: The criteria used as a basis for pricing are defined in the condition tables.

  • Assign Calculation Schema: Calculation schema is assigned to the project by selecting which project the calculation conditions will be valid.

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