All registration of equipments are in the asset is shown on this screen in list and card view.

All registration in the asset can be downloaded in excel format with the export to excel on the top of the screen.

Click on the buttons above to create a new record. Serial Number and Engine Serial No are required to be entered

The created registration can be viewed on the list screen and in the card structure view.

With the first option above, the equipment name, equipment code, total tasks assigned to the equipment and total stock of the equipment are displayed in summary form with the card structure.

With the list view option on the right, registrations are listed with all details. This detailed information is as follows;

  • Serial Number

  • Engine Serial No

  • License Plate

  • Registration City

  • Registration District

  • First Registration Date

  • Data Sheet Date

  • Inside Color

  • Outside Color

  • Inspection Validity Date

  • Exhaust Pass Date

  • License Holder

  • Address

  • Document No

  • License Document Serial No

  • Is License Plate Loss

  • Old License Plate

When clicked to Create button;

There are 3 fields that must be filled; Serial Number, Engine Serial No and License Plate.

Registration can be updated or deleted with the actions button.

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