All serial number of equipments are in the asset is shown on this screen in list and card view.

All serial number in the asset can be downloaded in excel format with the export to excel on the top of the screen.

Click on the buttons above to create a new record. The requested information as bellow;

Equipment: Select which equipment the serial number belongs to

Prefix: Specify the prefix to display in front of each serial number. Prefix is only requested when wanted add multiple serial numbers.

Start Number: Start Number is only requested when wanted add multiple serial numbers.

End Number: End Number is only requested when wanted add multiple serial numbers.

Referance Number

Serial Number: A serial number uniquely identifies the product.

Stock Location: This is where you keep your stocks. It could be a warehouse or store.

Special Stock: Special stocks are stocks that are managed separately as a result of their not belonging to your company or being stored at a particular location.

Customer: Customer renting out equipment.

Project Number: Project number is in which project it is used.

Date Of Purchase: Click on it to pop up an overlay to choose a Purchase Date.

Purchase Price: Determine the price based on your agreement with your vendor.

Supplier: Choose from which vendor.

Guarantee Date: Determine specific date for guarantee

Depreciation Per Month: Determine depreciation at a specific value.

Replacement Date: Choose swap date of item.


  • Archived: All activities successfully concluded

  • Canceled: Equipment that no longer in assets

  • On stock: Assets that available or suitable for renting

  • Picked Up: Scheduled for returned equipment.

  • Reserved: Book to avoid any scheduling conflicts or delays

  • Return: Customers returned the equipment

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The created serial numbers can be viewed on the list screen and in the card structure view.

With the first option above, the equipment name, equipment code, total tasks assigned to the equipment and total stock of the equipment are displayed in summary form with the card structure.

With the list view option on the right, the serial numbers are listed with all details. Serial numbers can be updated or deleted with the actions button.

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