All tasks created from the task/note/files field in each module in the system are displayed on this screen with their detail information. For example, the tasks created for business partner, asset&purchase are displayed together.

All the listed tasks can be downloaded in excel format by clicking the export to excel button at the top right of the screen.

The tasks created can be viewed on the list screen and the card structure view.

It can be edited from the options specified in the image above, located to the left of the export to excel button on the list screen. The first option shows the tasks in the card structure. The second option displays the tasks in the list structure.

All displayed tasks are shown on the list screen with the following column headings;

  • Task Related Record Name; The information from which module the related task was created is displayed. It is a field that cannot be changed.

  • Definition; The information entered in the definition field while creating the task is displayed.

  • Start Date; The start date selected when creating the task is displayed.

  • End Date; The end date selected when creating the task is displayed.

  • Crew; The crew information selected while creating the task is displayed.

You can filter and search for records using the search bar.

Card Structure

List Structure

Benefits of task management;

  • Can be used for employee performance measurement, provides traceability.

  • By using such feature you not only save time but also have a sustainable paperless environment so that your key data is easily accessible.

  • Adding this feature, your entire team can see which tasks are assigned to whom so that they can collaborate together and complete their parts effectively in time.

  • Customized workflows can be created for each employee.

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