Transportation information used in equipment transportation activities is recorded on this screen.

All registered transportations can be downloaded in excel format with the export to excel button on the top right of the screen.

The Create button leads to the new transportation record creation screen.

When clicked to Create button;

  • Name

  • Plate Number; Vehicle's plate number

  • Registration Number; Vehicle's registration number

  • Business Type; Own or Rent selection

The transportations created can be viewed on the list screen and the card structure view.

It can be edited from the options specified in the image above, located to the left of the export to excel button on the list screen. The first option shows the transportations in the card structure. The second option displays the transportations in the list structure.

You can filter and search for records using the search bar.

Card Structure

List Structure

Benefits of creating transportation records on the system;

  • After saving the detail information of the vehicles you used in the delivery, you can choose the most suitable transportation vehicle for your equipment.

  • Vehicle-related tasks can be created, vehicle inspection date can be recorded and vehicle inspection operations can be followed with tasks.

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