More than one sales office definition that will take part in equipment rentals can be made from the sales office area in the organization menu, and a record can be created with detail information.

All registered sales offices can be downloaded in excel format with the export to excel button on the top right of the screen.

The Create button leads to the new sales office record creation screen.

When clicked to Create button;

  • Sales Office Name; Enter the name of the sales office you started to create. Sales Office Name is required field.

  • Sales Office Code; The code information that is followed from the system for the sales office you have started to create is entered in this field. Sales Office Code is optional field.

The sales officess created can be viewed on the list screen and the card structure view.

It can be edited from the options specified in the image above, located to the left of the export to excel button on the list screen. The first option shows the organizational units in the card structure. The second option displays the organizational units in the list structure.

You can filter and search for records using the search bar.

Card Structure

List Structure

Benefits of creating sales offices records on the system;

  • You can serve with appropriate sales offices according to rental period information.

  • Allows you to effectively manage your company.

  • You can define the discount rate and campaign for certain sales offices according to the localization settings and run it from the Fiorent system.

  • You can create general, working hour, rental period and localization information for each sales office.

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