A unique serial number can be determined for each equipment defined to the system.

The benefit of unique identifiers such as serial numbers is they provide the ability to trace the movement / lifecycle of one item on its journey through your business. Without it, you have no documented way of tracking when the item was either received into stock or manufactured.

  • High visibility and tighter groupings

Having every item of inventory visible and correctly grouped pays huge dividends. Serial number tracking makes groupings easier to achieve, and more beneficial for forecasting and overall management. Everything from the linking of similar items down to the behaviour of certain inventory groups can be achieved.

  • Knowing the character of your inventory

You could say that serial numbering helps you know the character of your inventory. Like a name tag, with the most important information underneath. The more you know about your inventory, the better you can plan and make adjustments to get the most out of it.

  • Complete and accurate history

Serial numbers provide easy access to the full history of each part or product. This is a huge advantage for any business that uses historical data for forecasting or needs to enact product recalls. Fiorent makes this a simple and user-friendly task.

  • Reduced data entry and errors

Serial number tracking is one the best ways you can cut down on data entry and errors. With each product or item numbered, every transfer, sale or order is more accurate and better monitored. Using mobile and barcode technologies optimises the use of serial numbers.

  • Efficient and streamlined warehouse management

Serial number tracking also allows for the deeper use of lean inventory practises, helping businesses free up capital that’s unnecessarily tied up in stock on hand.

  • After-rental processes

Another great advantage is with after-rental processes and actions. If a part is found to be faulty or there is a product return, the necessary data is easily available, accurate and complete.

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