Equipment maintenance is any process used to keep a business’s equipment in reliable working order. It may include routine upkeep as well as corrective repair work.

Equipment may include mechanical assets, tools, heavy off-road vehicles, and computer systems. The resources needed to keep it all in good repair will vary by type. For instance, repairs made on heavy construction equipment won’t look the same as those performed on automated food processing machines.

Routine inspections are done on each asset to ensure their equipment lasts as long as possible. The maintenance intervals of such equipment are usually dependent on the hours of use.

For instance, their motor grader needs certain types of maintenance every 500 hours. These tasks include replacing oil, air, and fuel filters, changing out the hydraulic tank, lubricating bearings and gears, and inspecting fuel tank caps. To keep track of these maintenance requirements, the company logs the number of hours the grader is used each day, and when it reaches a 500 hour interval, they schedule a maintenance inspection.

Equipment maintenance is very crucial for your company. Here are a few more instances that can result if equipment maintenance activity is not followed.

  • Resource loss and production loss

  • An unexpected breakdown can result in labour overtime

  • Insufficient knowledge of machine life cycle

  • Scheduling work and projects again

You can create periodic maintenance for each equipment, determine maintenance teams and follow each process through the system. In case there is sufficient information about your equipment, Fiorent reminds you of the periodic maintenance times of your equipment.

Follow your operations on Fiorent to follow the all maintenance operations of your equipment with the details and to add value to your business!

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