The list of those pending invoice arising from operational transactions and rental in the fiorent system can be followed on this screen.

In this list, there may be rental invoices, invoices arising from requests in maintenance, repair, damage and lost equipment opened under the title of work orders. For example, in a repair request, all or part of the amount may be reflected to the business partner if it is not covered by you. The follow-up of the reflection invoices can also be done from this screen.

In the work orders module, a choice is made for each operational transaction whether it will be reflected to the customer or not, and invoicing will occur according to this selection. In the rental invoices, the rental start period and the total rental period are taken into account.

Through this list, you can reconsider your inventory management and purchasing decisions and make the right decisions for your business.

  • Invoices remind clients of the work completed or goods provided

Invoices remind clients of the work completed or goods provided. It’s an itemised bill, so a customer can see what they’re getting for their money.

Those whose invoice status is pending are displayed in the to be invoiced list, and this list can be downloaded and reported as excel from the export to excel button. A reminder mail for the invoice can be sent to the relevant business partner from the Fiorent system. Fiorent's reminder of your pending payments will make your business follow-up easier.

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