Customer identification to the system is started from the general card. Image can be added to the thumbnail area here.

First, the type of business partner is selected. Types are as follows;

  • Company

  • Individual

The business partner tag is selected from the role section. A business partner can be both a customer and a supplier.

  • Customer

  • Supplier

Business partner type and business partner role fields are required fields.

In business partner name field, define the business partner/customer full name. If there is a number (such as a code) that you want to follow the customer through the system in the business partner number field, it can be defined.

Other information in the general card can be listed as follows;

  • Tax Office; Tax office information is entered for the business partner.

  • Tax Number

  • Sector; You can select among records where defined in Business Partner heading at configuration section.

  • Description; It can be used as a reminder/explanation note about the business partner.

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