Fiorent, Flexible, Innovative and Online Rental System offers innovative solutions to many rental industries. It offers a system in which rental processes are tracked and managed for all equipment.

Equipments and Customers Management

Equipment is defined to the system with all its detail features, and after the active and potential customers are defined in the system, rental activities can be started.

Powerfull Asset Tracking

All operations before and after the rental can be followed up on the system in the same way. Equipment maintenance operations before the rental can be recorded, and during the rental period, they can be followed up with the requests created with the titles of damage, repair, lost equipment in the work orders module.

Delivery Management

Following the delivery processes, adding the vehicle detail information used in the delivery and calculating the vehicle cost.

Flexible to Fit Your Business

You can define your sales offices, where you carry out rental activities, to the system and facilitate management.

Task Management and Workflow Monitoring

You can work with more than one project, assign a task to your users with the task title in each module and measure performance. Workflows can be followed from Fiorent dashboards. Dashboards are customized for each user.

Billing and Payments

Listing invoices arising from work orders and rentals, tracking payments.

Customizable Documents and Email Templates

Customizable email templates let you send them out in no-time. Documents can be uploaded from the task/notes/files field in each module.


  • Automotive

  • Construction Machinery, Equipment

  • Bicycle & Scooter & Motorcycle

  • Baby and Birth Equipment

  • Event and Party Equipment

  • Accessories & Clothing

  • Furniture

  • Sports and Adventure Equipment

  • Boat & Yacht

  • Medical Equipment

  • Audio, Video, Production Equipment

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