In this chapter when entered first time in Fiorent, should filled these informations.

The Define Type field means what kind of project you are working on about your activities, rents.

First of all, project detail information should be filled with the information in the following fields;

  • Type Name

  • Type Code

  • Project Number Range

  • Type Color

  • Period Base

  • Header Billing Plan Type

  • Item Has Additional Price Condition

  • Header Different Time

All of the fields are required.

In the Type Color field you can choose one of the wide color options for your project. Thus, you can customize the projects you follow on Fiorent.

Period Base options are; Periodic, Periodic and KM, Time. In this field you can choose what your period base about rentals.

In the Header Billing Plan Type field you can choose Milestone or Periodic.

When To Use Periodic Billing Plan;

Periodic billing plans are used for service products such as rentals or maintenance mostly. You should have a service product with a time-dependent price (i.e. calculation type M, N, O or P) which need to be billed regularly, e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.Client can raise the rental or maintenance/service invoices based on

monthly , quarterly ,yearly etc. basis to their customers.

NOTE: The sum of every line item added to the Net the value of the contract.

When To Use Milestone Billing Plan;

Milestone billing is used for sales products in big projects when the product is paid in various installments.Milestone billing plans are used in sales quotations and sales orders or Items in service orders .You have a sales product with a known net value.

NOTE: You distribute the net value over several milestones.

In the Item Has Additional Price Condition field you can choose Yes or No.

An additional price condition is a price condition that depends on another price condition that has been previously retrieved when pricing is carried out in sales documents.

When the click Create button;

Fields other than Icon are required field.

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