In this chapter you can describe your stock locations that keep you products stocks. Allows you to manage which products are tracked from which stock location.

Here "Name" and "Code" optional fields.

After determining these definitions you can continue to enter other information below;

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • Postal or Zip Code

  • Region

  • City Name

  • Time Zone

  • Country Name

The Earnings field in the first card structure on the list screen displays the earnings information for the stock location. The earnings information of the projects tracked from the relevant stock location can be viewed on the system.

The Projects area is the area where the number of projects executed using the relevant stock location is displayed.

Tasks field is the field where the number of tasks opened in the system for the relevant stock location is displayed.

The project creation screen is displayed by clicking the Create New Project button at the top right and using the relevant stock location. It is advantageous to use for quick project creation.

All projects where the relevant stock location is used are listed from the icon next to the Create New Project button.

The ratio of completed tasks to unfinished tasks is displayed in the Task Completion field.

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